About team

Rockville Soccer Club (RSC) is a premier travel soccer club located in Rockville, Maryland. RSC was founded in 2014 and currently has 14 travel and rec teams competing at a high level of play throughout the mid-atlantic region. RSC is committed to providing an environment that will challenge every player to reach their full potential in an atmosphere that supports growth and personal development.

We recognize the value of positive competition, commitment, endurance, and agility in collaboration with exceptional coaching as a vehicle for players to achieve their highest potential and compete at the next level.



We foster a culture that provides the opportunity to develop our student-athletes through success in academics and competition to achieve excellence in life.

RSC Player Code of Conduct

1. Players will demonstrate positive sportsmanship on and off of the field. This includes exercising positive self-control, graciously accepting the outcome of games and treating all players and fans with courtesy and respect.

2. Players will demonstrate respect for all players and coaches in behavior and language. Profanity will not be tolerated.

3. Players will demonstrate respect for officials, in part by accepting their decisions. Insulting comments, arguing, gestures and profanity directed at officials will not be tolerated.

4. Players will practice and work on skill development as is appropriate for the age and competitive level of play for the team.

5. Players will positively represent the Rockville Soccer Club (RSC) on and off the field at home and away on both recreational and competitive teams.

6. Players will understand the rules of the game as appropriate for age and competitive level of the team.

7. Players, in coordination with parents, are responsible for timely notification of absences from games, practices and training to the coach or manager of the team as determined by the team.

8. Violence and abuse of any nature will not be tolerated.

9. Players are prohibited from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco products while a member of RSC.

RSC Parents Code of Conduct

1. Encourage positive sportsmanship by example. Remind fellow parents if they get inappropriately carried away with their emotions during the game. Accept these reminders graciously when offered by other parents.

2. Be supportive–unconditionally–accept wins and losses. The last the child wants to hear from you after a disappointing performance or loss is what they did wrong.

3. Do not coach. Leave the coaching to the coaches.

4. Emphasize skill development over winning. Take time to help your kids practice their skills and drills at home.

5. Interact positively with parents of opposing team. Set a good example for players indicating you can compete assertively and still be respectful.

6. Be welcoming to all team families on and off the field. Minimize gossip and criticism of teammates, other players and coaches.

7. Support officials–do not criticize vocally during games. Leave any issues with the game officials to your coach.

8. Support the team and club. Volunteer during tournaments, participate in fundraisers, etc.

9. Please review the practice and game schedules in advance. Notify your coach of any conflicts so they are aware that your player will not be participating on a given day.

10. Encourage your child to have fun and enjoy his/her teammates and the competition


We will act with integrity and personal accountability.

We will educate each student-athlete with quality academic, competitive, leadership and social experiences to build a sense of responsibility and foster an appreciation for life-long learning.

We will keep the well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and staff at the core of every decision.

We will excel in performance, achievement, and service.